Side Projects Club

Side Projects Club

is a group based in Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Kansas, with the purpose of working on your side projects in a physical space with group accountability.

Two people jumping with a paintbrush and a pencil
Person thinking

We all have side projects.

We get work done at our job, but we procrastinate on our passions.

Why do we put off things that we care so much about?

We need accountability, and that’s what Side Projects Club is for. We get more done together than we do lounging around at home.

Are you a…






Do you have multiple interests like most human beings?

Do you have a hobby/project that you can work on quietly without disturbing others?

Do you live in or near Omaha or Kansas City?

If so, then Side Projects Club is for you!

A group of people working on various projects

The intent of Side Projects Club is to be

hobby agnostic

so anything you want to work on is awesome.

As a great comic strip I found online once said…

Do the thing!

The thing your soul is screaming out for! One day you’ll be too old to do the thing. THEN WHAT? You’ll wish you did the thing.

Person jumping with a drawing