Since I first created Side Projects Club in September 2015, a lot of unexpected, cool things have happened. I never imagined that Side Projects Club would grow to be so much bigger than me. I’m excited that it’s garnered a lot of interest and that it’s helping people make progress and achieve their goals.

A Side Projects Club Meetup was created in November 2015 which helped it gain traction and interest beyond the original Facebook group.

Shortly after creating the Meetup, we were featured in the Omaha World Herald! This was not only an awesome opportunity to be in the local paper but I think it’s a well-written, really endearing article. Thanks, Blake!

Sometime in December or January, John Rake reached out to me asking if he could start a Kansas City chapter of Side Projects Club. At that point the “When will a Side Projects Club chapter come to my city that is not Omaha?” question in the FAQ said something like, “I’m not sure if you understand how haphazardly this was created, but you can contact me I guess?” (I’m paraphrasing but it’s not that far off.) I was pleasantly surprised that Side Projects Club was garnering interest outside of Omaha, so we are making it work! Personally I haven’t had a lot of experience with event organizing but I’m learning. ( o_o)b

The main website is temporarily a little confusing, offering info about both the Omaha and Kansas City chapters, but I’m working on a WordPress theme for individual Side Projects Club chapters to use, so we’ll have separate websites soon and that will streamline the information a bit. This website will become just general information and will link to the chapters for more details about specific events and things.

From December to February (and still kind of ongoing) I’ve had a lot of personal/family stuff going on and came to the realization that running Side Projects Club by myself is…kind of ridiculous. It became apparent that there would come a time where I just wouldn’t be able to make it to a meeting for one reason or another, especially since meetings are every other Saturday. So now my friend and fellow Omaha Code School alumnus Wendy Holley is helping co-organize. Hooray!

I think those are the major events since inception.

Yeah! (ノ。◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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